Dr.reddys Biologics hire Team Member Quality Control,

Dr.reddys Biologics hire Team Member Quality Control.
Experience:2 - 7 Years

Job Description:

Sample Testing Skills:

Possess robust knowledge in Chromatography and Physico Chemical techniques ( Size exclusion, Reverse Phase, Ion Exchange chromatography, Peptide mapping analysis Electrophoresis- specific to Analytics, Cell culture basics/ Spectroscopy/ Plating/ Growth /Titration etc.) in order to ensure smooth completion of analysis within turnaround time in the Laboratory.

Effectively plans and manages mechanisms to ensure that no executional errors occur against set procedures with the purpose of testing.

Is able to test, analyse and assess samples as assigned & release the data in accordance with defined timelines Commercial, Stability & Campaign batches.

Documentation Skills:

Good knowledge of GDP (Good Documentation Practices) and understanding the procedure of recording, updating and assessing documenting activities contemporaneously.

Effectively manages to self-check the document after completion of the analysis in order to ensure error free documentation.

Exhibits abilities to build cross functional collaboration for seamless documentation with the aim of maintaining updated records displaying audit readiness.

Is able to approach and ask for timely advise from experts in case of requirement for further Clarity so as to ensure seamless execution of all QC procedures.

GLP & Compliance

Displays a good understanding with the objective of GLP (good laboratory practice) in order to ensure accuracy adherence to all compliances/Procedures.

Demonstrates skills to manage all standard GLP compliances (lab cleanliness, sample storage, chemical labelling, removal of expired material, usage of calibrated equipment, usage of authorized/QA issued documents, Analyst qualifications, document revisions as assigned, training compliance and adherence to quality standards/system ) with aim of achieving seamless process orientation while abiding by GLP

Is able to support the lead in training new joiners with analytical and critical processes with an aim of being audit ready and process centric.

Laboratory Management

'Good Knowledge about practices and procedure around Laboratory Management in relation to Microbiology techniques (in case of Micro Lab), cell culture techniques (in case of BA Lab) and all relevant laboratory practices specific to the area of work in QC.

Rigorously displays skills to calibrate and maintain the assigned equipment as per defined frequency in order to qualify the equipment (IQ/OQ/PQ) in a timely manner, with assistance from vendor (wherever necessary) and maintain laboratory efficiency

Possesses ability to identify, rectify and seek support from experts in problems related to the instruments (air bubble trapping, flow problem, noise problem, changing of frit.) in order to do RCA along with investigator & rectify real-time.

Qualification :Should have a degree in MSc/ B. Tech/ M. Tech(Microbiology /Biochemistry /Biotechnology)

Professional Experience :
Should have minimum 2 years of experience in QC

Contact Company:Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd.
Email :rajesh.kudikala@drreddys.com

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